Leparole Shoot on Utah Lake

Leparole Design Chevron Dress Shoot on Utah Lake

To my tall girls.  Where you at?  

You know that I'm 6'0" tall.  And when you're tall, you don't always have the best options for beautiful, long, lengthy dresses or gowns.  That is, unless you have access to hand-made, high-end designs.  And right now, one of my favorite boutiques totally caters to my 38" leg inseam.

My girl Ashlie over at Twirl Dress Boutique is the only retail shop in the states that carries LeParole Design designer dresses.  And lucky me, I got to dance around the sand in a dress that actually drags on the floor as I walk. #tallgirlproblems

(Keep your eye out for my little humans that wanted to join in on the fun. ;)

Dress: www.le-parole.com

Where to buy: Twirl Dress Boutique

Equipment: Parachut.co  Camera: Fuji X-Pro2 Lens: Fujinon Aspherical Lens 35mm 1.4

Photography: Philip Niu

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