Pinners Conference

This weekend was a total sprint! Anytime you attend a conference you better expect to be totally exhausted afterwards from the energy that you feel while you're there. And Pinners Conference is full of a bunch of Pinterest-inspired creatives wanting to up their craft. We met so many people eager to learn and, of course, I usually end up being more inspired by them.

In other news, I looked through all of these behind the scenes photos that Philip took and I'm pretty sure I've been entertaining my children with the same faces. I promise, I was talking about photoshop. What the h. 

We ended up pulling a volunteer model for from the audience and she was absolutely perfect! Shivyon was very brave to model in front of all those people but she had such beautiful features and was most definitely a stunner. 

I grabbed a black foam core poster board from Office Max for a backdrop and had a few other volunteers help hold it up as well as a reflector on the opposite side of the Profoto B2 TTL light. And within a couple shots we got exactly what we needed.  

Here's the color and black and white :) I love a good color shot but for some reason this black and white of Shivyon is quite stunning with her dark features. 


Fuji XPro2 with 35mm Lens

Profoto B2 TTL Lights

Model: Shivyon Mitchell