Starts With You

My first post on my new blog. Feels good but I feel a sense of overwhleming, urgent anxiety not knowing where to start.  But before we begin, I want you to take a moment to read the ABOUT page.  I don't want you to know my accolades or read a resume to make you think I'm more important that I am.  

I want you to find out if you and I can relate.  

I've achieved, I've worked, I've created and I love it.  But I lost myself when I became more focused on myself.  I was at war...not with men, not with others but with my own level of expectations I had for me and those around me. And I've recently started realizing that many women around me were experiencing similar feelings of emotion. They, too, felt that they were constantly comparing themselves to others.  They felt a downward spiral of needing more.  And this "woman at war" concern was and still is becoming absolutely more prevalent. This plague is a dark force of negativity forging forward, drowning individuals, splitting families and ruining marriages.    

Whether you hold a career, whether you're a mom, a student, a widow or a professional, my argument stays the same. We are mothers, sisters, partners, friends, nurturers, and givers.  We are strong, positive, powerful, influential, educated and purposeful.  And until we utilize the talents, passions and inner genius that is unique to us and for the purpose it was given, we will be trapped in a war with ourselves.  You, my friend, are here for a purpose.

And my purpose through podcasting, writing and sharing experiences is to help you live it.   I can't wait for what's in store for you.