Travis & Jenny

The Couple

What do you do when you have beautiful friends, fall colors and some camera gear? You head to the mountains!

Travis and Jenny are beautiful people. And I don't mean just physically. They are beautifully kind, humble and wonderful people.  And when Travis says he wants to learn to take better pictures of his lovely girl, Jenny, you better believe we'll be there! 

The Lighting

What was amazing is that we barely had any light. We got up to the canyon with about 15 minutes to spare before it was literally pitch black. Yeah, we cut it a little close so we had to choose gear that could handle low light situation. But we also needed a camera that Travis could handle with his "beginner" status. 

The Gear:

Shooting gear:

Travis shot with the Olympus PEN-F and 12-40mm lens

(And of course I had to snap a couple of them as well.) Sony A7s with 35mm 1.4

Video Gear: DJI Phantom 4, DJI OSMO, Fuji XPro2 with 35mm1.4 lens

How cool are THEY??!???  Such a great couple and we totally fell in love with them. 

You can see that even though it was pretty much dark outside the Sony A7sii picked up their movement pretty good without too much blur.  

Jenny told me she hates being in pictures....seriously?!? She is beyond beautiful! <3 Jenny, you better believe we're doing another shoot soon when we have more than 5 minutes of light!!!! :)


Have questions? Need photography help? Want to collaborate?  Anything is game, I'm here to help. Leave a comment or contact me anytime.  

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