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by Melissa Niu


Charli Mae,

Went out to play

And found someone alone.


In the grass,

 sat a young lass

Who’s other friends had gone.


Rosie, the chick,

Looked pale and sick

But really was just sad.


Charli sat down,

Put her small arms around,

And asked “What could be so bad?”


“I’m different, ya see.

They don’t like me.

They are pretty red hens.


They laughed at my beak,

Threw rocks at my feet

And I’ll probably never have a real friend.”


Charli Mae thought,

And looked distraught,

She couldn’t believe what she just heard

This beautiful creature,

With such perfect features,

Was unique, kind, so pure.


“They are unkind.

Lets put it behind.

And think about what you really are.

Your feathers of white,

Reflect the sunlight,

And shine brightly like a star.”


“You are not them,

You’re a white hen.

And should be proud of who you are,



You are you,

And a strong one, too,

That will someday go so far!”


They embraced each other,

As Rosie brushed off her feathers,

And looked her new friend in the eye.


“You’re a true friend.

You’re a heaven send.”

And to her old friends, said good-bye.


She had Charli,

Who knew who she could be,

And was thrilled for what road was ahead.


To the moon, to the stars,

To Milky Way, to Mars,

Or they thought they’d just play instead.


Friends who really love you,

Unconditionally remain true,

And help you become who you were meant to be.


Be a true friend

To the very end.

For it’s the very happiest way, you see. 

(Copyright Melissa Niu Media)