When is the last time you told a young child he or she was incapable of doing something?  Do you see what happens to them?  Do they look at you with a bewildered face and scream "yes I can!" at the top of their lungs?  Children's magnitude of confidence is glorious before the world beats them down with bullying words of negativity.  For some reason, when we get older our imagination, innocence, positivity and creativity are stifled.  The world beats it out of us, tells us we can't, and for some reason we start believing it.   

I'm challenging you to stop growing up.  Grow down.  

My children are at the age where climbing the steps by themselves is a huge accomplishment, or fastening their own button will indeed happen, no matter how long it takes them.  They've inspired me.  They make me want to look at any nay-sayer in the eye and without hesitation, prove to them that I can.  And no matter how long it takes me, I will.  

Humble yourself with me and awaken your perspective.  Dive into their little world and be reminded of huge lessons of perspective and principle through the eyes of a child. 

Listen and download the poem story narrated by my "littles" below. 


by melissa niu

The bright sunny day

Was blown away

By a dark and dreary cloud


The kids ran inside

To take shelter and hide

And muttered their complaints so loud


“What a horrible day!

The rain ruined our play!

Now we have nothing to do.”


“Our playground is muddy,

My sandbox turned puddly

And the gray skies are no longer blue!”


Then one tiny little,

Looked out at the drizzle

And grabbed her rain boots in a dash.


She found slides that were faster

And how quickly she mastered

The puddles that needed a splash.


Her fun was contagious

And quite advantageous

As she found more ways to have fun


The others’ sad frowns

Quickly turned upside down

By jumping, splashing one by one. 


What is your attitude?

Can you find gratitude?

Even when skies are so gray?


Leave the sadness behind,

It’s only your choice to find

Beauty in the ugliest day.  

(All images, audio and text copyright Melissa Niu Media)